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Scheduled Security Container Service
We offer a selection of locking containers for secure storage of discarded incidental records at no charge. We empty the containers weekly, every two weeks or monthly. Shredding is done “On-Site” in our mobile shredding truck.  No need to remove paper clips, staples, binder clips or other fasteners. We shred everything.

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Purge Service (single or occasional service)
Once stored records have met the end of their retention schedule, they need to be destroyed. We will shred any amount of stored material at your location for those needing one-time or occasional shredding service.  Whether it is one box or 10,000 boxes, we will accommodate your needs. No need to remove paper clips, staples, binder clips or other fasteners. We shred everything.

Call Shred Monster at 402/564-6006 to receive locked collection containers for regular  scheduled service or before a purge service.

Many businesses keep their document destruction “in-house.”  Shredding “in-house” demonstrates that a company is well aware of the need for security and protecting proprietary information. However, the costs of office shredding may surprise you. Ignoring the initial and ongoing cost of the shredder or shredders, a basic cost analysis of this procedure proves that this method, while on-site and assumed secure, can become very expensive.

Most company staff personnel are paid approximately $10.00 per hour. If all members of your staff spend 5 minutes shredding paper on a daily basis, the cost of having this done internally can reach a noteworthy amount over the course of the year.

Please examine:
Employee “A” spends exactly 5 minutes per day shredding self-generated confidential paper.  Employee “A” works at a cost of $10.00 per hour. The cost is approx. $.17 per minute and $.85 per day. Now, if employee “A” is on the job 240 days per year, (20 work days per month over the course of a year) the cost for this one employee to shred paper is $204. If you have 5 employees, the cost per year is $1,020.

Service with Shred Monster for one security container with monthly service (holds approximately 225 lbs. of material at a monthly charge of $45) and typically will accommodate an office of 20 – 25 people. The total cost for our service for one year is $540.  The savings is $480.

We have not taken into account the cost of the office shredding equipment, service and/or maintenance or other incidental costs.  Additionally, do-it-yourself shredding means you will still have the shredded paper to discard.

Another overlooked aspect of this picture is security. Every company is BUSY! All of us are aware of the need to shred, but often the “lazy toss” into the trash happens instead of the inconvenience of shredding one’s own document. A definite security risk.

Call Shred Monster at 402.564.6006 for your security containers and a custom quote for your business’ shredding needs.


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